Post-Congress Tour


The Post-Congress Tour will consist of a 2-night stay on the island of Unst, followed by a daytrip to the island of Papa Stour and travel to both islands will involve a short ferry journey.


Unst is regarded as probably the first landfall for Vikings in Shetland and has the highest density of rural Viking longhouses anywhere.  The Post-Congress Tour will be an opportunity to see some of those which have been excavated guided by the Directors of the excavations and survey, Anne-Christine Larsen, Julie Bond and Val Turner.  You will also have the opportunity to visit the reconstructed longhouse and replica Longship, the Skidbladner.


On leaving Unst, the Tour will visit the island of Papa Stour where you will have the opportunity to visit the partially-reconstructed Stofa at the Biggins with Barbara Crawford who excavated the site.  The reconstruction represents what was possibly Duke Håkon’s Stofa, the site of Norse royal power in Shetland from the 12th Century onwards.


Whilst visiting Unst, you will stay at the Saxa Vord Resort (  Accommodation is limited and will be shared, either in their hostel or in a room in one of their houses.


The cost of attending the Post-Congress Tour will be £250, which covers travel, accommodation and meals.


You will arrive back in Lerwick in time for the Northlink ferry departing on Tuesday 13th August.  If you are not departing on the ferry that evening, you will need to book your own accommodation locally.


Please Note


Numbers for the Post Congress Tour will be limited to 60 participants, due to the limited nature of accommodation on the island of Unst.  Because of this, we would ask you not to make your travel arrangements until you receive confirmation that you will be able to participate in the Tour.  This will be done as soon as possible.  Priority will be given to delegates from outside Shetland and Scotland.