7. Viking Congress 1973 – Dublin, Ireland


15th - 21st August.



Honorary Presidents:

His Excellency Dr. Eyvind Bratt, Ambassador of Sweden

Séamus Ó Duilearga, Emeritus Professor of Irish Folklore, University College, Dublin

Professor J. J. Hogan, Former President of University College, Dublin

Mr. Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh, Judge of the Court of Justice of the European Communities

His Excellency Mr. Gunnar Schack Larsen, Ambassador of Denmark.

Organising Committee:

Almqvist, Bo, de Paor, Liam, de Paor, Máire, Greene, David (Chairman), Lynch, Patrick (Treasurer), Sweeney, Seán (Secretary).

National Representatives:






United Kingdom:

Delegates of the Congress:


Barnes, Michael Patrick; Binns, Alan Lawrie; Cruden, Stewart Hunter; Fell, Christine E.; Foote, Peter G.; Hohler, Christopher; Kirby, Ian John; Megaw, B. R. S.; Page, Raymond Ian; Perkins, Richard Mansfield; Small, Alan; Townsend, J. A. B.; Turville-Petre, Gabriel; Wightman, Ivy G.; Wilson, David M.


Bekker-Nielsen, Hans; Jansen, Henrik M.; Jensen, Gillian Fellows; Ramskou, Thorkild; Roesdahl, Else; Thorvildsen, Knud; Vebæk, C. L.


Dahl, Sverri; Heinesen, Maud; Matras, Christian; Niclasen, Bjarni; Nolsøe, Mortan; Thorsteinsson, Arne.


Benediktsson, Jakob; Briem, Ólafur; Einarsson, Bjarni; Erlingsson, Davíð; Gestsson, Gísli; Halldórsson, Halldór (in absentia); Sveinsson, Einar Ólafur; Thorsteinsson, Björn.

IRELAND:Allen, William E. D.; Almqvist, Bo; Byrne, Francis John; de hÓir, Éamonn; de Paor, Liam; de Paor, Máire; Dolley, Michael; Graham-Campbell, James A.; Greene, David; Haugen, Einar; Lucas, Anthony T.; Lynch, Patrick; MacCana, Proinsias; MacEoin, Gearóid S.; McTurk, Roderick Walter; Ó Ríordáin, Breandán; Prendergast, Nell; Raftery, Joseph; Sweeney, Máire; Sweeney, Seán.


Blindheim, Charlotte; Blindheim, Martin; Borchgrevink, Anne-Berit Østereng; Bø, Olav; Christensen, Arne Emil; Djupedal, Reidar; Fett, Per; Halvorsen, Eyvind Fjeld; Hohler, Erla; Liestøl, Aslak; Marstrander, Sverre; Oftedal, Magne.


Arwidsson, Greta; Berg, Gösta; Bergfors, Eric Olof; Frykman, Erik; Hedblom, Folke; Holm, Gösta; Jansson, Valter; Larsson, Anna; Malmer, Brita I. M.; Moberg, Lennart; Nordahl, Else; Nylén, Klas Wilhelm Erik; Ordéus, Valdis; Ström, Folke; Strömbäck, Dag; Thålin, Lena; Tjäder, Börje.


Drogheda, Shannon and Limerick, Killaloe and Clonmacnoise.


UniversityCollege, Dublin, Minister for Education, Irish Life Assurance, Aer Lingus, Royal Irish Academy.


Congress Diary:

On Sunday evening, 15 July, the Organising Committee gave an informal reception in Trinity College. On Monday the President of the Royal Irish Academy, Professor David Greene, declared the Congress open, and an address of welcome was given by Professor Seamus Ó Duilearga. A paper was read by Charlotte Blindheim, and the members were guests of University College, Dublin, at a luncheon reception, after which they heard a paper from R. W. McTurk. They were entertained to dinner by the Lord Mayor of Dublin at the Tailors' Hall. On Tuesday, July 17, after hearing a paper by M. Oftedal, the members travelled by bus to Drogheda, where they were entertained to lunch by Cement Limited, proceeding later to Monasterboice and Tara and returning to Dublin for a reception given by Irish Life Assurance.


On Wednesday, after hearing papers by M. Dolley and J. Graham-Campbell, the members were entertained to lunch by Arthur Guinness Son & Co. In the afternoon B. Ó Ríordáin lectured on the recent Dublin excavations, from the results of which an exhibition had been arranged in the National Museum; this exhibition was opened by Mr. R. Burke, Minister for Education, in the presence of members of the Congress, and he later entertained them at a reception in Iveagh House.


On Thursday, July 19, after hearing papers from D. Greene and E. Haugen, the members were flown by Aer Lingus from Dublin to Shannon, and proceeded on a short tour of Co. Clare, spending the night in Limerick.


On Friday morning, after hearing a paper from L. de Paor, the members returned to Dublin by bus, visiting Killaloe and Clonmacnoise on the way; they were later entertained by Bord Fáilte Éireann at the National Gallery of Ireland. On Saturday morning, July 21, after papers by Einar Ól. Sveinsson and Dag Strömbäck, the proceedings were brought to a close by the President of the Royal Irish Academy, and the Academy entertained the members at a luncheon reception.


All the papers delivered, with the exception of those by M. Dolley and D. Strömbäck, are included in this volume. The Editors have not changed the system of references used by contributors and have aimed only at consistency within individual articles.

Congress Proceedings:

Proceedings of the Seventh Viking Congress. Dublin 15-21 August 1973. Ed. Bo Almqvist and David Greene. Dundalk. 1976.


Seventh Viking Congress, Dublin, 1973; Members of the Congress 5
Congress Diary 8

A Collection of Celtic (?) bronze objects found at Kaupang (Skiringssal),

Vestfold, Norway. By charlotte blindheim



The Viking towns of Ireland. By liam de paor 29
The Viking-age silver hoards of Ireland. By james graham-campbell 39
The influence of Scandinavian on Irish. By david greene 75
The dotted runes; from parsimony to plenitude. By einar haugen 83
Ragnarr Loðbrók in the Irish annals. By r. w. mcturk 93
Scandinavian place-names in Ireland. By magne oftedal 125
The High Street Excavations. By breandán ó ríordáin 135
An Old Irish verse-form roaming in the North. By einar ólafur sveinsson 141